For men with added value knowledge   

                   As all texts written by imperfect people contain uncorrectnesses,

                 the author of  this website informs that uncorrectnesses are included

                 here also in  the written texts.


         1)For men with added value knowledge ( Heb 5:14)

A paradise will never come on earth without men with added value  knowledge. 

The question must be raised why did he not yet decided to take over the management of the earth from the heaven. 

- One reason may be that the number of anointed is not reached yet. 

- A second reason should be searched with the people on earth. 

If it is Jehovah’s dream that men would transform the earth into a paradise, then Jesus will observe the wish and give men a chance to make the earth a paradise.  

This would mean a great added value to the creator Jehovah as well as to men 

- A third reason must be searched with the sovereign, loving, good leader Jesus. 

He doesn’t want to let down anybody, and by letting the Jehovah-witnesses doing their work, everybody has a greater chance to reach eternal life 

The Jehovah-whisperer knows that a signal must be given in favour of the threatened Animals and plants (Psalm 5 : 2) 

Men with added value knowledge should be aware that the mediator Jesus and Jehovah will respect the choice to renounce to eternal life in favour of the threatened animals and plants. 

You must be conscious that Jesus’ choice to pay the ransom for men has been observed by Jehovah 

Jesus knows that he never again will stay on earth as a human . 

We who willingly are unjust perhaps may have the right to a resurrection but we will never be able to enjoy eternal life. 

But those who serve Jehovah and those who are unjust with a right to a resurrection (those who don’t know) will still have the chance to be able to acquire eternal life after Jesus Christ’s mediation of course.


You Friend !

 The words "live and let live" come from people who want to have the pain in this World reduced !(Psalm 32:9; Heb 5:14)(1 Joh 3:15)(Mt 5:45)

I should be happy to hear that the Jehovah-whisperer don 't want no successors. 

But I am smart enough to know that having one single willingly unjust will follow into more willingly unjusts aiming to a right of resurrection.  

(People who are prepared to deny the eternal life for a smaller footprint on earth). 

These willingly unjusts will mainly be people with empathy for the threatened animals. 

Think it over duly before you decide to become a willingly unjust. 

Together with the new califate (the islam state) it forms a cocktail for eradicating the emotional people with empathy and with a heart for life. 

Because authorities with a license to ……. do not accept such attitude of emotional people with empathy. 

Every day the new califate  clearly says that such attitude does not show you are prepared to co-operate with us. 


 2) For the preservation of life

 Since a long time men with added value knowledge say that the loss of the threatened plants and animals is not an option .Rom 7:21-24 

Evil has been installed by human hands. Even the Jehovah-witnesses don’t see why the evil arrows are directed to the threatened animals and plants.  

Wasn’t it surprising that there are still victims of the jewish holocaust who experience the end of the threatened animals and plants

Satan and the demons (created also by the unconsciousness in the human brains (Gen 1:26))  know Jehovah’s  reason why men may not touch the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  

It is written in the bible that animals and plants are for the benefit of men .(Gen 1:24) 

When men reject the animals and plants, this simply means that we accept the paradise without these animals and plants. Isn’t it bad to live in a paradise without the honey bee. Just imagine this !! 

 Jehovah has more reasons not to modify the laws of nature than to change things to please men. 


3) The Environment activists

 The knowledge of added value of the Environment Activists is the second largest one after that of the children who incite the adults to deliver added value. 

The rubbing off of the Religious Leaders  has provided these caring People the freedom to enlarge their knowledge of added value. 

It’s however a pity that the actions of the Environment Activists have a reverse effect. 

 The evidence furnished by these people in order to demonstrate that men are destroying the world causes a lot of damages.  

 How ? 

 The action aiming to convince this one Empowered Man has for consequence that thousands of people are convinced that the world can no longer be saved. 

 People who think that the world will not be saved cause damages, and don’t look any longer to the Environment 

The Environment Activists don’t understand that the role  pattern, encouraged by the (influenced) policymakers is too far distant for the good outcome. 

 There is no need anymore to demonstrate that there are people who during their short life decide to make territories radioactive.   

It can only be true that men will no longer conduct the earth. (Jerem 10:23) 

People will oppose against it with sorrow for more than their heart.  


3b)  The World cannot be saved without men.

 We, the people with the added value knowledge, do not quite agree with the words of the Jehovah-whisperer that men cannot conduct the planet. 

Good administration is an interaction between administration ( the leaders ) and the people. 

A good leader is fed by the people. 

In this way of thinking, one can say that the leaders who are the best good loving Leaders, have a people of good loving leaders to manage. 

Let’s explain. 

Like Jesus, men also use time so as to have better leaders. 

Evolution has learned that men do not like to change. 

Therefore, changes mostly occur when new generations of men arrive. 

By the passing of time and by getting used, good leaders are educated not to come into conflict with the people who have become equivalent educators. 


Story 1   

People running away from violence flee to Europe . 

There the leaders will always enlarge the chances of more good leaders. 

This would not have been possible without the evolution of the people who became a better leader. 

The interaction between the European leaders and the people. 

The leaders who terrify children (thereby reducing self confidence) are not accepted by the people in Europe, who are taking up their responsibility. 

Therefore the focus of the Jehovah-whisperer should not be put on the bad human leaders, but on the people who accept the leaders and reduce the chances to become good leaders. 

For ex. 

In Israël they complain that the people have no good leaders. 

The fastest way to solve this is : to help the Palestinian and Israëlian people becoming leaders, in order to educate children to the growing group of loving good leaders. 

In fact, it is the contrary that occurs. 

How is that possible ? 

Every people hear in a selective way . 

The impact on the children is so big, they even have not got the time to heal. 

The right of the child to a safe, stable place in order to develop itself to a good leader is violated.  

Under the eyes of men who think “that they only have been selected by the creator to live in Jerusalem”.  

The Jehovah-whisperer should know that Jesus cannot be a loving good leader without human loving good leaders as people. 

The Jehovah-whisperer should know that (with will and time) we can create the possibility to extend the lifetime of the planet. 


4)Psychological strength 

Is it true what grandpa told, asked the 10 years old little girl Wendy to her Mother ? 

Yes , it is true : believing in Jehovah +  buying a little house for the little crabs, sea slugs, fishes when you are still young makes you psychologically stronger in bad times 

 Grandpa feels stronger by the circumstance that after 80 years there are still little crabs, sea slugs and fishes living in the little house . 

 For Grandpa the giving of non-recurring costs for the fauna and flora has an added value.  

For Jehovah also because men then realize their dream for more life on the planet.  

For Grandpa because he has done more than honouring Jehovah.  

He has had himself led by the truth according to Jesus’ example. 

 Help yourself by helping others (see Help-Culture)Mt 7:12 

 Where can I be helped ? asked Wendy. 

Is it for the giving of non-recurring costs or is it for the giving of recurring costs ?  asked the Assistant. 

What are such recurring costs, asked Wendy. 

These are costs such as insurance, rent, electricity, heating, etc  

Recurring costs are also the extra energy that men and animals must use in order to live or survive. 

 For ex. when the Elephant encounters several fences which jam its way . 

 Then it is frustrated by the costs which are imposed on it . 

 The always recurring obstacles are at the cost of the financially poor animal. 

 These recurring costs are harming the animal without rights. 

 Men and animals don’t like these recurring costs; it is something you cannot shake off. 

Recurring costs however are not a problem for an Organization  which in fact is insensitive to pain. 

 The power of the insensitive Organization is that it plays a soothing role to men. 

 For ex. the costs of saving a whale washed ashore and dying will then be borne by the organization if the animal nevertheless dies. 

 If the action was successfull, then by allowing men to bear the costs, the organization has allowed men to help the tree of life of Jehovah 

Thanks to the help-culture this leads on its turn to a gift for the working costs of the Organization.  

 Also before the Jehovah’s organization sets in, the willingly unjusts and the justs will bear the working costs for the preservation of animals and plants in distress.  

This is equal to protecting the life tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  


5) The behaviour of men in the paradise  

Nothing is more difficult for men than making the change from gift – culture to help-culture 

Because of men’s feelings, the help-culture has never been a real success, and the increase of debt with time and money also is an handicap for the help-culture.Psalm 15:5 

 There is more knowledge needed for setting up and maintain a help-culture. 

 In fact this requires the organization of Jehovah . 

 What must men know  ? 

 what must men and animal in distress know ?

 What must men in distress know?

-A man helps a fellow man so as to feel itself  better by doing so.

 -Nothing exists such as a free gift.

 With a free gift one expects sometimes something very small such as appreciation (thank you !) ,also in the future.

 Parents expect their child to love its parents, to make efforts to obtain good results , to be caring, to make them proud, to love, etc.

 Even Jehovah expects something : that you should love your fellow man , that you should help the tree of life, that you should create added value, that you should grow up to perfection.

 Helping Jehovah means helping  the animals, the plants and your fellow men .

  It means making life on earth more bearable; then you will help Jehovah.

 Receiving help brings you into an uncomfortable position.

 There is a chance that one expects a favour in return which cannot be delivered on time.

 An expected favour in return is painful and can have a long aftermath of time; there is a debt owed to those who have helped you.

When you have been helped with money, you think you know how much is your debt .

 In this world  positive intrests on money have been introduced to increase the debt  according to the time running.(lu 6 : 32-35)

   (Debts may be profitable to the creditors)

 -Be careful : it is not always money that is expected.

  Good people expect their family ,friends, acqaintances, the animals  to become happier.

 Do something with their life where help has a recurring effect in the form of “I have a share in your happiness”.

 -Proud people not always are right in refusing help when this is offered.

 This has also a negative impact on your surroundings.

 Denying good meaning people is equal to refusing to provide help. 

 What must know a men who provides help ?

 -People who help don’t do this for them who need help.

  They do this in order to become or feel better themselves.

 -People who help are also people who look into their own heart .

   They increase their knowledge and create added value for themselves, for others and perhaps for their surroundings.

-They learn more through self knowledge .

 -Animals know how to react to help without feeling bad.

   During centuries they have educated people with added value knowledge in the sense of  “You don’t have to provide help if you expect something in return”.

  Which I cannot or don’t want to offer.

 -The help that you offer is not a reason to trust you : this is the truth for many people and animals.

 -Every man do hate somebody or something , people  who can help are also capable of teasing.

  They are better able to dampen their created demons.

  The strong ones almost never tease during a long period; the attitude of others plays a role here (see  attitude of teasing)

  People have a herd attitude and have themselves led by the surroundings and by social pressure

 Help-culture under management

 -In their imperfection, men have a problem in making the step from gift-culture to Help-culture.

 -The attitude required to realize a help-culture is to be found with the justs, the Jehovah-witnesses and...

 Their reputation of honesty, sincerity, perseverance, their will to change the earth into a paradise 

and their strong belief in the loving, sovereign and good leader makes the help-culture possible at an even larger scale.

-There is a great chance that people who are within the truth will look suspiciously at the willingly unjusts.

  You should know that a man who is not  prepared to make the earth a paradise, to help building a world

where people do no longer need to fear being robbed, should not call himself a just or a willingly unjust with a right to resurrection.

 -In a help-culture an Organization is needed.

  Some people always require recurring help; that’s the way it is.

 -People showing an attitude which is too disturbing  will damage the help-culture so badly :

  By charging the little elastic band of the help providers too heavily, they make people immune for those who need help.

  -An Organization gives comfort by taking on itself the pain created by those needing help, thereby lightening the transfer of pain to the help providers.

 -Without such Organization a help-culture is impossible.  The pressure of the transfer of pain by those who need help on the help providers is often too high.

 -An other help-culture damaging factor is the lying and the cheating by people.

A man who helps plenty will change himself or will become a force of attraction for people who wish to benefit of it in this world .(Han 11:29)

In Jesus’ world, Jesus takes on his shoulders the damage caused by the profiteer  (Isaiah 9:6)(Proverbs 3:5-6)

 Men are inclined to slip more money to a rich citizen than to a poor, even though they have done the same.

 Here again the self-preservation plays an important role. 


Do you know why Satan will increase the pressure on Jesus in order to get a more important position ? (Mt 4:8-11)

 The answer is to be found in the knowledge acquired by professional animal caretakers. (Rom 12:1-2)

Satan knows the truths and the untruths which are told about him.  

 After so many years, we are now able to see that he has admitted the measured profile or at least has gone along with it to a certain extent. 

Professional animal caretakers do no longer side with the elephant trainer who pretends that the relationship becomes longer

when the surroundings put pressure on the elephant so as to break the will to be the stronger one.   

There are also Irreligious people who are unable to take changes of attitude.  

In their opinion, loosing the grip on the surroundings makes difficult people stronger.   

To know who or what is important must be transferred from father to son ?  ( hebrews 5:14)

Savers of threatened animals put the stress more and more on the reliability of the one who is generous.   

He, who is generous and reliable, is more important than he who wants to have control.   

Therefore Satan expects Jesus to care humbly for the people and for the tree of life, next to the one who takes if needed.   

Perhaps some people recognize Jesus as a Prophet only, but he nevertheless is still the most reliable person of the Universe after Jehovah.   

Sooner or later Satan comes in distress without the good loving Jesus’ willingness.  

He knows this just as much as that men are not allowed to eat from the tree of life and knowledge of good and evil.    

 Know what is important !!!  

You have already been warned.


6) The gift-culture

 To know the gift-culture you first have to know the Trade.

 People have to understand that trade conducted by people cause damages.

 One has to be critical about trade

 Trade is : selling something that has a certain value to someone who is prepared to give too much money for it.

 Trade is also buying something that is of more value to the seller than what one is prepared to pay for it.

 The purpose of trade is therefore to make oneself richer through a cheating play.

 By causing value fluctuations.

The imperfect man should not be entrusted with the determination of the value of something.

In this world it is the less polluting car that is the most expensive financially.

 The old car which pollutes most is on the other hand financially the cheapest .

 The value is also depending of the needs.

 In the paradise what is true today is also true tomorrow, next year, next century, etc.

 Even the products which reduce in value because of the elements can be calculated by Jesus Christ and the 144000 anointed.  

De gift-culture

 The gift-culture is in the first place at the advantage of the trade and the criminality .

If one puts the gift-culture at the same level as the help-culture , then there still will be damage occurred to the Environment.

 Many children  think that the gift they have bought for their parents is the latters’ s greatest wish.

 They are wrong. Parents, grandparents, educators, foster parents,etc.… want their child to create added value in their life.

For the parents, grand parents, educators foster parents, etc ….  added value can even simply mean the presence of the child.

 The help-culture is disturbed by the false use of the gift-culture.

 People with bad intentions never will allow that no gifts are distributed.

 For these reasons, men would better protect children against  the gift- culture.

 The gift -culture  is mostly associated with small gifts in material form.

 There are also such small gifts in the form of  “I will make you pregnant”, false promises, poisoned gifts such as drugs , “I will make you sick” , etc.…

 The Jehovah-whisperer is aware that men have still to walk a long way before choosing to leave the easy path ( the gift-culture ) .

 Moving over to the help-culture means  helping to make a bridge between  Jehovah and son Satan.

 It also means helping to make a bridge between  Jezus Christus and brother Satan.

The dog-whisperer says to the dog lovers :  ,, It is not what you want that you will get but what you need “.

 Men usually don’t make  the right choice . Therefore we need the triad (Jehovah , Jesus and Satan) to help us becoming Good leaders. 


7) The justs

 The Justs with the right to resurrection ( )

 Subject to the approval of Jesus Christ, they are the Jehovah-witnesses .(1 kor 6:11)

 Simply said: „the justs” who will live for ever in a paradise on earth,  are those who seek to live according to  Jesus’ example (with knowledge from the bible).

  The Jehovah-witnesses

 -Do obey to Jesus Christ

 -are honest (1Cor 13:5-4-6)

 - will never take up arms.

 - do not commit atrocities to the animals and plants in distress.(2Cor 10:3-4)

   -learn humility, selfcontrol, listening .(1 Cor 7:3)

 - ensure that their children have a stable life.

 -see to it that the sick making corruption doesn’t have any chance

 --are prepared to make the earth a paradise.

 - pray for the environment at several levels,

   This creates Added Value.

     (talk to the wall so that the chair will hear you)

 -Pray silently to have personal talks with Jehovah

 -Pray silently, combined with vocal prayers, to protect yourself from waylayers !

 -The truth is very important for the Jehovah-witnesses.

Ps. True believers have always been conscientious objectors.(Mat 5:9)(Proverbs 24:16)


7/b) The ransom for the threatened animals

 The Governing body of the Jehovah-witnesses and the Jehovah-witnesses can’t bear that men abandon their eternal life through the opinions of the Jehovah-whisperer.

It’s not thinking out of the box.

The ransom for the honey bee for ex. can be paid by planting flowers instead of keeping a lawn.

It is not said in the bible that Jehovah and Jesus will spend money and a long period of time to realize the paradise on earth.(De 6:16) 

Does the Jehovah-whisperer listen to the word of Jehovah in the kingdom Hall ?

Neither are correct the complementary opinions of the Jehovah-whisperer, that  the voluntary- unjusts increase the chances  of the people who walk the difficult way to reach the eternal life (Proverbs 13:20)

The Jehovah-whisperer is ackowledged by the Jehovah-witnesses as the man who does not act wisely.

The Jehovah-witnesses dissociate themselves from and against the statements made by the Jehovah-whisperer.

The Jehovah-whisperer should know that someone who lives eternally  is in fact prepared to spend a lot of time at the service of fellow man and animals.

Also the concept of the life tree of knowledge of good and evil is explained too unilaterally by the Jehovah-whisperer.

 Ps. This text has not been written in consideration with the Governing body of the Jehovah-witnesses. Please take notice thereof. 


8) The False God Carlos

When you feel concerned and you believe I was talking about you, is that belief my fault ?

Support the Religious leader with : “Before trusting me, be trustable but don’t trust anybody”, said men to men.

The  False God Carlos should be recognized by all people.

 Be careful : nothing is as dangerous as telling something about a false God.

 God Carlos is a lie and in fact only lies can be told about this God.

 You may give another name to God but you may not make false God Carlos alive !

 We still are living in this world.

 By recognizing God Carlos as false God however, people can know through stories, knowledge, courage and self development why  Jehovah-witnesses do not take up arms (understand).


Story  1 (2Cor 4:18)

The leader who does not know within which limits (how, how many, with what measures) he can frighten people, has no motive for making a paradise on earth.

The motive of crowds for possessing radioactive weapons is a result of a lack of knowledge which is spread by people who have no knowledge of history regarding frightening.

There are still millions of Religious leaders who think that the story which frightens someone else always stands up before and after an extreme attack.

They interprete in a wrong way the reaction of the attacked.

If for example he looses, he will not yet be afraid for your stories which you would want him to be afraid for.

He will only be afraid for the consequences, because of the battle he has lost.

They consider it as unchangeable that something which frighten someone else will stand up.

It is nevertheless acceptable that frightened people are blind for signals.

Where being afraid because of … turns out wrongly for yourself.

It is also true that stress, anger and other negative feelings are an attempt on one’s own intellect.

These people think too quickly and act rashly.

Countries possessing uranium will secure the gold before the attack, and put in their reach the dangerous  radioactive with its name.

Oh , a little place less on earth to allow men or animals to live is not so bad, is it ? 

My belief about future generations does not extend so far. (is this a lie ?)

A leader who is looking after the extreme wise man, is like a cat which is sitting in a corner and says to the little birds :

“I had nothing else anymore to frighten. With my act, I have thought : this is the moment.

  Did I only knew about it ?  It is all because of a lack of historical knowledge about frightening.

If only I would have chosen for the win-win strategy.  That can be combined with ……, isn’t it.”

Did I explained it well.

There are people who have experienced being frightened  and who declare that changing the way of frightening creates instability in life.

For ex.  To transfer from God, Satan, the angels, will punish you and frighten you  such as :

I will … , I will…  you, I will cause you …. pain, they will …, no one will ...,  you are expected to …, etc. ….

Anyhow, it brings confusion into the competence of bringing stability.

Leaders who want to manage the world may of course pretend …

The Jehovah whisperer declares that if you want to frighten using the possible existence of a hell, you should not become an ignorant by using several other ways of frightening.

In the paradise, frightening is not used as a tool.

By the leaders and those who want to grow into leadership.

 Winning by boosting self-confidence.

In Belgium, there has been a time that too many people had themselves frightened .

The story goes that the people started to discuss with each other.

They were curious, asked questions to people with added value knowledge.

Suddenly, they discovered that self-confidence made people less afraid.

Measures were taken .

“How can we increase the trust in our leaders ?” asked someone to a Judge.

“Well, said the Judge, in the first place by changing yourself so that you do not think of yourself only.”

The more people can be trusted the less corruption there will be.

Corruption enlarges the group which can be frightened.

Separation of powers was a measure to reduce corruption.

Just like many other.


The girl and the horse.

My father in fact wouldn’t want to understand why I liked horses.

When I was a child, even I considered a horse as a dangerous roughly playing animal.

A horse has impulsive quick reactions,

One punch of its hind leg can cause heavy wounds or even death.

But nevertheless something attracts me to the horse.

Would it be the stories about the efforts the animal made during the war with courage and willpower.

Or is it the self-sacrifice in order to save the herd.

Once I have shared all my worries with a horse.

I talked to it during hours.

It never passed on anything; how happy was I.

My love flew all around.

In fact I was still ignorant when I was permitted to ride it for the first time.

Who holds the reins here ? asked my father.

The horse here chooses its own path.

You better walk alongside than to ride it.

It has too much testosteron, I defended.

Stop searching excuses for its behaviour.

You have to try to keep the situation under control.

Let the horse feel who is the rider.

Sometimes your emotions hinder yourselves to be consequent.

You should have some comprehension for the horse.

However, to reach his destination quite safely, the clever rider will nevertheless have to give direction .

Yes, in order to grow one has to work in unity,

Know that you are not alone to do this.

Don’t let the horse take it over,

then it will never come right.


  Story 2

  A political leader of the country Arglos is requested to leave his function.

 He clearly shows that he has no intention to abandon his power .

 He starts without mercy to throw boms to the people who are faithful to God Carlos and pray daily to God Carlos.

 You would expect that  all Religious leaders who teach the textbook of God Carlos  will disapprove a political leader  killing people who are faithful followers of God Carlos, in order to keep the power.

 The situation however is that there are  Religious leaders who support  the keeping of the power and even help in order  not to loose power but on the other hand torment the believer in God Carlos.

 It is not correct to explain that  the tormented people  do not live in accordance with the norm of God Carlos.

 The explanation simply is that such believers consider their Religious leaders as servants of God.

 While in fact these Religious leaders do not believe that God exists.

Religious leaders who unilaterally consider the book of Carlos as the mouthpiece of God lace the knowledge-transfer of the wise .

The wise knows Jehovah through the paradise.

Do you think it is impossible to know how is a loving good leader, before reading the book ? 


 Story  3 

 The Religious leaders of God Carlos  want their followers to behave, feel and hear in a passive way, often with the words  ,,I am speaking in the name of God ‘’.

 Passive behaviour, repeated prayers, Hail Mary’s, Lord’s prayers, reassure the Religious leaders and preserve them from negative feelings .

 People who deviate are a danger to  the leaders of God Carlos who teach a recognizable predictability.

 As long as these people do not see the difference between Religious leaders of God Carlos and Jehovah, they quite unfortunately will never know the paradise.

Of course the Religious leaders of God Carlos will deny that they don’t believe in God and they will strengthen the group by making war to Religious men of an other God and by attacking dissenters .

 The group which, according to the Religious leaders of God Carlos, would be entitled to a resurrection has always been smaller than the elected people, known and loved by Jehovah .

 Reducing this group is a conservative measure of imperfect leaders.

-The group loved by our creator is difficult to lead for us, men .

Men solve this problem by denying that men can lead the earth.

After this denial  they look to an other people for leadership.

These imperfect  sympathizers then again lead to an increase of the kingdoms.

 The elected, known and loved by Jehovah, are mainly people who are prepared to make a paradise here on earth.

 Some amongst these people with added value knowledge firmly pretend not to believe in Jehovah  (Heb 5:14)

 How is it than possible that they also are eligible for a resurrection as unjusts ?

It is a fact that one can already be eligible as an ignoring unjust without transfer of knowledge by the Jehovah-witnesses.

 The secondary is : Help them wherever it is possible to preserve life, diversity on earth. (Mat 5:9)

Jehovah does not like what is rare but what is preserved in a sufficient number.

 Look at the tree of life of Jehovah .


 Story 4

 The Religious leaders of God Carlos will try to convince the psychopats and the narcissists to kill the Jehovah-whisperer .

 They tell that  the Jehovah-Whisperer is of the opinion that psychopats and narcissists do exist at several levels and that it is difficult to detect them (one becomes apprehensive, the other becomes successful ).

 According to them, he will tell that some financially successful people have qualities which will counter a possible paradise.

He will say that the glas ceiling does not exist for those who are talkative and unrestrained.

He will say that in this world there are narcissists who have made their profession of illegal and legal circumcision.

 He will say that there are narcissists who find their pleasure in cutting hardly during circumcisions.(galatians 5:6)

 And are pleased if the woman  suffers psychological and physical pain during her whole life.(Ephesians 5:28-29)

 He will say that  the grandma who has not been circumcised may know that the girl and the woman, who are circumcised, suffer psychological and physical pain during their whole life.(Galatians 5:6)

 He will tell that the children who have their both parents  pulling the same cart, may know of having to miss the figure of a father.

They tell that the Jehovah-whisperer is a man, just like all men,  who is using his power to stop other men with time to reach his goal (more paradise on earth).


Story 5

The Religious leaders of God Carlos announce that the Jehovah-whisperer is the Anti-christ.

-The first reason is that he tells that men skirt the justice for  ..., 1 Joh

Denied of course by the sympathising rulers .(1 John 1:8)

-The second reason is that he is called the antichrist. That he changes the world  by convincing men to help an Angel which you can’t see,

and help him through the printing press to get without limit the means of exchange Money, in order so to repair the damage to men and animals on earth.

1Cor 10:33)(1 Cor 13:4-5)(1 Cor 9:22).

-The third reason is that the Jehovah-whisperer pretends that a better government with men as steering body can only be surpassed .

-The fourth reason is that the Jehovah-whisperer pretends that Jehovah and Jesus Christ benefit from appointing another as the good, loving leader for the government of men and animals.

You will ask why ?

Because men have many greater expectations than they have  ....

-The fifth reason is that Satan has all reasons to become the good, loving leader of the planet earth.(1Joh 5 :19-21)

You would ask why ?

Not because Satan would be restricted in his possible choices.

But because he pleases everyone, and I mean everyone, by showing that he is the good, loving leader who will realize the longer lifetime of life on earth.

Men are misled when they think that  an angel like Satan cannot co-operate in humility with Jesus before the face of Jehovah.(James 1:14-15)

You should ask yourself why the intelligent Satan uses that single plan only.
Only the imperfect men  continue to pretend that Satan doesn’t know his place.

How will men react to Satan ?

Men will not want to give up their important position in this world.

Just as I, the Jehovah-whisperer already pretended,  men will fight in all languages against every good, loving leader who lives longer than men .

This seems to settle it in the advantage of the malicious but it will never be the choice of either Jehovah, Jesus , Satan or even the imperfect Jehovah-whisperer. (Mat 9:39)(James 5:12-13)


Before you believe what you want to believe, I still will clarify that the Jehovah-whisperer

is only servant to Jehovah .(Mat 6:24).

To adore Satan is an error. Also when he  leaves his past for what it was.

Our future good, loving leader does not want to be worshipped.

Some of you  consider perhaps it is their task to taunt the Jehovah-whisperer .

The future sovereign, good, loving leader however does not want to be worshipped.

The best we can do is to honour our creator Jehovah.

Satan has obtained the eternal life quite rightfully from our creator.

Jehovah can look into the heart and see something in him .

In our imperfectness perhaps we can think that we are the better ones, but at the end our destiny does not lie in the hands of Satan, but in the hands of our creator Jehovah after mediation by Jesus.

If you can’t keep from pointing your finger, I nevertheless remind you that people with added value knowledge recognize the good, loving leader by his acts .

If the acts are good, then the leader is good.

Every Leader is borne by good, loving people with interaction of mutual understanding .

You may try to fight this ,

Success ! 

The Jehovah-whisperer


 Satan must be bad !

The Jehovah-whisperer is someone who dares to call our future good, loving leader, Satan.

In doing so he has got against him the largest group of people who want to stop something .

History is full of people who kill a man because they hate murderers.

The same could be going on here.

He stops the reverse way of thinking of more than 80 % of the human population.

The reason might be his intrinsic opposition to the people who are used to stop someone or something.

That might be the cause of his strange behaviour.

He believes this world is no longer what it was, when the largest group of people is stopped.

This is very shocking. 


  Story 6

-After the numerous have followed the “I am right -man“ one gets a better world.

They who, like you, do not want to have followers, will strive no absolute right.

We always have done it this way, Jehovah whisperer ! You, who want to be Jehovah’s follower with selected  ones having Added value knowledge.

The badly written texts of the bad talkative opponents neither will do it , you know !!! 


Story 7

a) Don’t connect our behaviour with doing the contrary of what our loved ones want .

The fact that children are emotional when aiming at added value has no connection with our Doing, we are martyrs because of love for…

Matters of honour till death .

b)You westerners are not aware how closer to me has grown my family

Because of disputes created and maintained for the honour.

“In your fear”, you westerners only see sorrow and misery.

Why don’t you learn to look further on like we, leaders, for the maintenance of the honour.


 Story 8

The selective luckys. 

 In this world only, with malicious and power strivers, you can equally become the selective maker of the selective luckys.

Subject to the following conditions :

- your power over other people must be very high.

-The sharing of happiness only occurs with companions .

-The position of the persons in the group can not be discussed.

(did you hear it, you who want to change the group dynamic round the teased one ?)

-The selection must be kept on all aspects.

-From their birthday on, the emotionals with empathy must be encouraged to be at the service of the selected luckys.

 -Automatic behaviour so as to make happy the selected luckys is integrated into the belief of ...


 Story 9

a)In human history the help-culture has been very high .

The Jehovah-whisperer uses the help-culture, just like trainers use the right dog to learn dancing on its hind legs.

We, men , the leaders, have learnt that groups of people with deficiencies are prepared to satisfy our requirements and are prepared to help each other.

The grain in the grain harvests which we administer will be distributed to the people under the best system of law.

People with deficiencies also can be made happier in a quicker way.

Mohammed has warned us for the antichrist who has urged people to make one single kingdom out of several ones, and have equality governing every man without the Coran.

You will more fiercely experience oppression before we, powerful people, will take up things in our hands .

Don’t you know what misery you will suffer if you step over to one single form of government with Jehovah ?

Just consider those who want to install a single form of government as the oppressors of this world.

Even the Jehovah-whisperer has no power to do something for men.

He only wants to reach a paradise for the unborn. 

How ?

By claiming from Jesus the damage caused by too many profiteers.

By having men cleaning the earth awfully long in favour of luxury products.

By having the meaning of publicity disappeared through a shortage of workforce which will disturb the consumer society.

Nothing will function without " wanting to help".

Our livelyhood litterally is in the hands of Him, who has the eternal life with the 144000 anointed.

You know we are bad leaders if the lead is no longer in our hands.

Beware ! You will wish you would have been depending on us.

We are not afraid of those who don’t use violence. 

b) Don’t look at it this way !

The attack against the Muslims of the new Califat (Islamic State) causes damage to the faith of the Muslims.

This is not the way you should see it..

It is being muslim before you are attacked by the new Califat (Islamic State) that causes damage to the new Califat (Islamic State) .(Luke 11:17)

 About responsibility.

It is quite possible that misery, displeasure and pain of men and animals reduce if there is only one kingdom.(1 Cor 13:4-5)

A kingdom which will collapse automatically without the strong shoulders of leaders !

Everyone is able to extend life on earth with this inexhaustible force of currency.

But let us have the people with added value knowledge say something about responsibilities.

Violence is the wrong way that men choose in order to reduce the duration of pain.

The hate generated will continuously search for its way to men and to kinds of animals.

Also when the goal is within arm’s reach.

This has been the case in the past.

By accepting several kingdoms which are fed by people with deficiencies, we can mean something for men and animals which still are living on earth.

Reducing violence is taking up our responsibility for this world.

If the Jehovah-whisperer is known ( by the whole population on earth) as the unwise, then surely there are no reasons to kill him ( 1 Cor1:19 ;1 Cor26:30). 


9) No competition

 Europa versus paradise

 The course of the European Union.

 They provisionally have chosen just as the organisation of the Jehovah-witnesses.

 By the way, in order to reinforce their Organisation as if Organisations would suffer  pain when they are deeply in the red.

The people of Jehovah’s  are proud to be part of an Organisation , which could realize even better performances in the future .(1joh 2:15-16

 Not the Jehovah-witnesses but the Jehovah-whisperer is aware that the kingdom of the Jehovah- witnesses  also will disappear.

 This doesn’t need to do pain .(1joh 3:20)

 Simply don’t let you mislead (daniël 2:44) . It will shatter all these kingdoms and put an end to them, and itself will continue to exist for unlimited times.

 Don’t confuse  the kingdom of the Jehovah-witnesses and the kingdom of Jehovah.

 The kingdom of the Jehovah-witnesses is prospering well in this world  but not in the world of Jehovah.

 The kingdom of Jehovah is so strong that it takes upon its shoulders all the costs of cleaning the earth and in addition the basic needs of the people. (Lucas 11:10-13)

 These amounts seem or are too high for men, while according to the Jehovah-whisperer they are the cheapest means to save the tree of life of Jehovah.

 The kingdom of Jehovah can not tolerate a competing kingdom

 Because this spreads discord .  


The several kingdoms

You may not believe it, but in unstable regions the concentration of kingdoms is too high .

Rulers who want to destabilize countries believe that after having created several kingdoms they can again have a good control of it the hard way.

During history, this has always been obtained by making promises to  warlords who were looking for an important position.

People should understand that this will always be at the cost of emotionals with empathy.

Believe me, the more the number of leading men increases, the more men’s efficiency as leaders decreases.

People with added value knowledge have no problem in setting aside the way of thinking of the Jehovah-whisperer.

What’s more, they are able to fill in the holes which have arisen by the Jehovah-whisperer, and they will go beyond the Jehovah-whisperer in all aspects.

Because that is what they always have done.

The Jehovah-whisperer. 


10) America

People with knowledge of added value know that it is ten before twelve ,  so work with what you have.

 America still is a super power .

 They also have the right to print dollars.

 In order to get as much diversity as possible in the new paradise, we need a world currency to pay the recurring costs for those who need them today.

The will to work on the whole world with the same currency is a necessity.

 Plus a promise to transform  the planet into one country or kingdom .

 We as people should be faithfull to one ,, Jehovah’’ servant  and have a President conquer the world  without a struggle .

 In doing so we would enforce the bible prediction without violence .

 Yes, the Jehovah-whisperer is aware that some minority groups  will suffer hardly under this plan.

 Even Jehovah knows that minority groups (and teased children) are  the tools to have men  side with them .

The minority groups should draw their belief from the results of ...with the bible in their hands.

 The mountain which they (the elder, the wise) have climbed, has offered the future generations possibilities for a better future



 Thinking of stimulating Jesus Christ and the 144000 anointed,  we could reduce kingdoms in the European Union  through Belgium.

 -Belgium has six parliaments, six governments, three high courts of justice,

 -The people of Belgium  could exercise an upward saving by  putting the federal State into the hands of the European Union .

 - For Belgium that saving consists of avoiding spending extra money to the federal government.

 -Less policy makers is better for the Environment.

 -By entrusting the parliament of the federal state Belgium to Europe, the Belgians should also see to it that the European Union would better function .

 -The autonomy for the Flemish and the cohesion of the Walloons would show up well better, provided the European Union would understand that the Belgians  always have assumed to have a large group of middleclass people.

 -It is on the elections day that Ecolo and the green  can show they do not serve their own interests .

 -Transferring the administration to the European Union would increase the prestige of other protectors of the environment.

 -Each kingdom that disappears without violence extends life on the planet .

 -And unity of the people is there also undoubtedly of importance

 The exercise of balance

 Europe goes for a balanced budget; to this purpose something may or has to be given in.

 The balanced budget is important to reinforce one’s position and allow cheap borrowing.

 As a democratic state,  this status  permits to put pressure on other countries , where much fauna and flora still exist , to use more democratic ways of thinking in favour of the people. 

Why would we choose for democracy?

 Democracy offers a possibility to men to steer the politician so as to have a group of people sharing his success.

 The politician is also the person who is steering the people, although with a restriction.  

With respect to the protection of fauna and flora, and after analysis, the politician has not the largest group at his side.

 Democracy gives to the people the sense and even the power to seduce the politicians to do things

 so as to influence people’s voting behaviour


  12) The referendum for less human rulers  !

  President Vladimir Poetin is blamed to have the people changing their flag by means of a    referendum, which would be a danger for the future. 

  This is not true. 

 It is the way to reduce additional Radioactive areas on earth. 

 -Radioactive danger  is invisible where men only show sound fear at a tangible danger.( 2Cor 4:17)

 -Rulers want to make others afraid and do not accept to be made afraid for their actions which result in contaminated areas

 -Reducing the number of competing Politicians and Religious leaders reduces the reasons to contaminate areas. 

 -A referendum is a quick measure and with a united people it has the Leaders stimulated (not the people ) to govern the planet through one single Kingdom . 

 -The G7 rightfully do not trust the speed and the longterm thinking of president Vladimir Poetin , because he has a human intellect

 *Crossing from one territory to another country is required to go to one single form of government for the planet

 This is only possible with a people in unity with God Jehovah.

 This makes the hardships connected therewith more bearable. 


13)The agressive dictator 

Several agressive dictators have already existed in this world

All these agressive dictators have one thing in common : an enemy. 

You might think that this is an obstacle for the dictator, but this is not the way you should see it. 

The enemy of the agressive dictator in fact is his best friend

The focus of the followers of the dictator lies on the common enemy

This causes blindness to the dictator’s people

A dictator in fact never personally starts fighting his enemy physically. 

His paid, compelled soldiers or followers have to do that. 

History of men learns that there is always somewhere an agressive dictator showing up. 

The reason must be searched at the enemy and at the dictator itself. 

The dictator will never want to conquer the whole world

In other words, he will never want to clean up all the kingdoms

Because then he will loose the visible enemy, whom the focus of the people can be turned to.

The enemy has of course a good reason to be quite afraid and uses all means in order to get rid of the dictator

As a consequence the situation turns back to the former one, after much misery, torment and time. 

Several kingdoms can never be in agreement  to expel misery on earth for men and animal.

The second consequence is that the landscape is created for a following dictator. 

1.To provide the planet a long prosperous life, one must have someone conquering the whole planet preferably without a struggle ( a referendum for example) 

In addition to making it believe that he has good intentions with the flora and fauna, such person will nevertheless be able to deal with the people with added value knowledge.

That means one single kingdom like Jehovah wants. 

Without a struggle means a warranty of less nuclear radioactive areas

2. Because of lack of time   (10’ to 12:00), the leader should use the American  dollar because this should be the world currency (for the whole planet ) . 

The enemy of the ruling leader is suffering terribly under this, that is true on the short term. 

Now that all kingdoms are remote the belief in Jehovah better stands out. 

In the very first place, the imperfect leader is not able to cope with a people which believe in Jehovah. 

The ruling leader will try to sow discord

But he will not succeed because the people knows that in their unity  no man can come up against them. 

The heavily battered enemy of the leader has acquired a better future for the future generations. 

(for example the South-Africans and the Afro-Americans

Thanks to the people, the unjust and the just who simply have followed the directives of the bible of Jehovah

The Jehovah’s know that not men, but the perfect, loving, good leaders will finally govern the planet earth.(jeremia 10:23)

The reply.

Those who let themselves carried away are disbelievers.

His path leads to the destruction of a world of collaboration.

Between emotionals with empathy and rulers with license to …

For the emotionals with empathy, the rulers with license to  …

Turning their back they already are in the wrong belief .

That is the way we have always done it, Jehovah-whisperer.


14)The drones -strategy 

 The American administration  in fact cannot seduce its followers with the drone-airplanes

 The drone-strategy is considered by the Jehovah-whisperer as a level degradation. 

 This results from the fact that it does not create added value

 The longterm vision is as negative as the strategy of Al Qaida. 

 The strategy of Al Qaida is making the opponents afraid and is trying to get  the followers  into their power

 America has no recourse  against Al Qaida which fights at their level

 One has chosen for the drones-strategy

 The result is the same for both warriors

 The victims of Al-Qaeda are the people who adore Allah  and the people who do not adore Allah. 

 The victims of the drones are the people who do not adore Allah and the people who adore Allah. 

 Yes, you are hearing well : there are only victims .


15)The Remaining Kingdom

The indestructible kingdom of Jehovah is the only way to extend the lifetime of the planet, fauna and flora. 

The government of this indestructible kingdom is Jezus and the 144000 anointed.

In other words, no men is involved.

There is no competition with this kingdom .(exactly the same for each man)

Therefore life on earth is not threatened or there is no transfer of pain.

 This kingdom has the same characteristics  as any other organisation.

  The organisation of Jehovah is available for reducing pain to men and animals.

 This indestructible kingdom has a heavy burden of debts due to the cost of cleaning the earth, and making it viable and heavenly, and due to the necessity to furnish men the basic needs which are quite huge.

 This kingdom will always be used by a heavenly government, with the aim to make the earth a  paradise.

 In a kingdom under the wings of Jehovah,  rules and truths are the same for every man and animal.

For ex : By guaranteeing every man a right to have a roof over his head, Jehovah gives men the possibility to deal better with the planet.(sayings 3:5-6)

The reasons to sin will restrict (Heb 3:13)

 You will be able to jump over the time and yet the same values will continue to apply.

 For ex. The number of working hours required to buy a luxury article will remain the same during centuries. 

 The organisation O.C.M.W of Belgium is most nearing the example of the organisation of Jehovah.


The Elder

The Jehovah-witnesses and the willingly unjusts who strive for a resurrection are only servants of Jehovah .

With Jesus as mediator (John 5:19;14:10;17:8)( John  17:20,21);

They entrust the Jehovah-witnesses with the government body (the Elder ) as a sounding board for obtaining the eternal life.

A Jehovah-witness has declared : someone who lives with a view to obtain the eternal life is more trustable than someone who has had taken it from under his nose.

Even I, the first and only willing unjust, who strives for a resurrection, can only endorse this (he who abandons the eternal life for a smaller footprint).

The Jehovah-witnesses know unconsciously that having Elder is a wise choice .

Men should only increase their knowledge about Elder who are also imperfect people.

Accepting a group of Elder keeps the group together.

The story of Elder is the same as the story of happy people.

The  path to become happier consists of having yourself surrounded by happy people.

(nervous people make their neighbours nervous).

This simply has a positive effect on your brains.

The best Elder are people who have lived the longest and the most in the presence of clever, wise and loving people.

While men expect that they have spent their time with people who have lost the right path.

Elder have existed longer than Religious leaders .

The lack of knowledge and the loss of respect has caused a carnage amongst the Elder with prestige just as amongst the threatened animals.

The beginning :

It is your path of life to cope with your “internal I” that is created by Elder.

Education starts generations before your Parents were born.

However yourself can correct the mistakes which will always occur.

The greatest enemy that you will encounter are your own thoughts.

Elder in spe unconsciously know that they can correct their thoughts and

that they have to be careful for the pressure of the unconsciousness

looking up again for recognizable awful experiences. (or to stop the self created demons) (gen 1:26)

The future Elder are characterized in that they will live in accordance with Jesus’ example.

This creates a lot of trust because Jesus is a good loving leader.

Being a good human leader according to Jesus’ example means that, notwithstanding your incapacities,

you correct the mistakes of others or even better help to avoid them,

and this to the advantage of the general wellfare of men and animals . For ex. bad contracts, incorrect terms, etc.…

This is the future strength of men who have an unlimited access to the money stream of Jesus .(1 Cor 10:33)

Because Jesus does not worry about the burden of debts on his shoulders .

This is not only because he possess the eternal life !

According to the Jehovah-whisperer the Elder would correct the mistakes.

Correcting is also referring you to professionals.

The bucket of annoyances will remain stable thanks to small steps.

It’s a balance just like the help-culture for the imperfect Elder.

But there is a possibility to limit the burden of life to a minimum.

Our unconsciousness is moulded by ourself and by the surroundings.

Of course, the life tree of Jehovah is of use to give protection where it can do so.

The displeased people should be indemnified or will understand that not only the threatened animals will have had an advantage to it. For ex. :

No houses are built in the wrong way, everything and everybody is insured, everybody works more efficiently.

One will self be more open for new insights.

Less meat .

Even the threatened animals would be saved with this institution.

Indeed you stimulate Jesus to govern the planet by showing to be a good example .

By making his existence concrete, we accept his existence (granting the highest loan to Him who possess the eternal life).

No limitations means the beginning of the end of the world as we know it today.

The place which is called the hell for many will be called a paradise.(you have a lot in your own hands)(Galats 6:7-10).

Even before the good loving leader rules the world.


Do you sit comfortably in your chair,  Jehovah whisperer ? 

You who are not supposed to take up great responsibility on your shoulders. 

He knows that Elder, like religious leaders, compensate their responsibility with easy spoken words  whereupon they hide with covering insights. 

You,,Jehovah whisperer,  know that no perfect man exists who can make full judgements to help those in need.


 16) The loving Leader : Man

 To make possible the success of a loving leader, you need the people in a way which has never existed before in history.

 First of all you can see that a loving human leader is in fact too fragile to remain seated too long on the trone for the purpose of realizing one kingdom on earth.

 This loving leader does like the Dalai Lama , Nelson Mandela ,the princess of Hawaï Victoria Kaʻiulani Kalaninuiahilapalapa Kawekiu i Lunalilo Cleghorn ,Mohandas Karamchand, Gandhi, etc…

 These men and women leaders have renounced to the power in the interest of their fellow men.

 Such men and women leaders may be called the savers of the planet.

 But such leader existing prior to the leadership of Jesus Christ and the 144000 anointed would be  a miracle.

 Elder have already told the people  that the way a man  makes  is more important than the aim to be a leader.

The battle for lordship.

At the battle of lordship, people are involved who could have been friends of their opponents.

The ultimate purpose of the people who want to make the earth a paradise is the same.

You should know that people having the same purpose nevertheless can be convinced to thwart this very purpose.

In other words, people are prepared to stake their life in order to get rid of the bad leaders as well as the good ones.

It’s a battle against people with added value knowledge.

Too many powerful people do not accept that a melting would occur between Jehovah and the people with added value knowledge.

(for ex. The decapitation of journalists is a symbolic attempt on people who consider transfer of knowledge important ; the slogan is “your knowledge makes us powerless” )

They deny the timeline of people .

That timeline is subject to the obstacles in place.

Whether Jehovah also has placed the obstacle (oppression) is a bridge too far for the Jehovah-whisperer.

To understand why, you have to scrutinize the imperfect men.

In fact people do not believe that it is possible to cross over to a government of Jesus without the oppression. 

That is why this obstacle stays on our timeline and was described in the bible.

The all-knowing anyhow knows that someone like the Jehovah-whisperer sooner or later is standing on the timeline.

It was simply a matter of time.

It is too late to nip in the bud people with added value knowledge.

Also, the process of being coached has only just started .


17) Everyone should know the formulas of the tree of life of Jehovah.

 There are at least three for the animals and the plants.

 a}-The formula of the animals and the plants for the survival of the kind The help of the elements  + the help of the animals + the help of the plants + the help of men 98 % + the help of the automation system + the help of…

 It is not Gods’ task to protect the tree of life but it is the task of men.

God as well as angels have indicated through the bible that only men have to take care of  the threatened animals and plants.


b}-The formula used by Jehovah for the tree of life of good and evil =  The help of men 98 % + the help of the automation system +  the help of Jesus Christ + the help of good angels + the help of bad angels

+ the help of


c}-The formula used by Satan for the tree of life of good and evil  =  the help of men  99,999 %  + the help of Satan + the help of demons + the help of angels + the help of the 144 000 anointed + the help of Jesus +

the help of automation system +the help of…


  d}-The formula of the Jehovah-whisperer for tomorrow = honour Jehovah’s name + the help of people with added value knowledge who are prepared to offer their eternal life as ransom for the threatened animals and plants,

for footprint reduction and for giving a chance to new life +

absence of people who are destructing the theocratic government on earth by using power, time and money  +


18) The dictionary of Jehovah 

Men are not used to deviate from the dictionary of this world .

The words “to be a slave”, “to be happy”,”hero”, “to be a good mother”, “to be a good father” too often have an other meaning in the world.

 Therefore it is very important that we learn to know the meaning of these words to the world which is called paradise.

 Being  the slave of Jehovah  gives you the possibility to go and meet  the world with less worries.

 To be a slave of someone who is a sovereign loving good leader means  a reciprocal trustful bond.

 Jehovah’s wish was respect for the tree of life of Jehovah .

The slave enjoys, gets a meaningful aim, develops itself ,

 It is very important that he accepts that the way to a perfect man produces a fuller man.

 Yes, you hear it well : the way of life in the world of Jehovah is more important than the arrival.

 Because being happy means to have in mind a more positive future.

Men will see that they are proud of their past under the leadership of Jesus and the 144000 anointed.

Men, like Satan, have allocated to Jehovah the wish that he would have men’s happiness in his own hands.

 After this thought imperfectness of men has made its entry, and then the sin.

 These wishes go together with greed, power, the urge nevertheless to catch one’s goal at the cost of Jehovah’s life tree.

Heroes are the pillars of the society.

 In the world of Jesus they are the people who are prepared to bear the recurrent costs for their fellow-men .

 In this world,  they  often are described as dry old sticks and loosers, those who always obediently pay the bills, who are prepared to do something less pleasant for the wellfare of fellow-men.

 A good Mother takes care that her child has the chance to have a safe bond, even though people will look down to you when you give up the baby to parents who wish to make this aim true.

 A good father is someone who, while listening, wants to give children a consequent education in view of a safe bond, always with self control, self knowledge en constructive criticism.

 He knows about positive rewarding for good behaviour.

 Under the protection of Jehovah, a paradise is possible.

 Men with added value knowledge in fact don’t need any explanation.

 If you saddle up other areas with your waste, then you don’t move the problems to others, but you just saddle up several people with your problems and don’t forget that sooner or later you will again be confronted with it.

 These are truths which people who offer nuclear material for service will never agree with.

 This also means that these powerful men are not able to rule the world.

Men who live in eternity will look like Jehovah wants it !

Ps.You cannot be a true believer who is prepared to make a paradise on earth if the gift to your descendants consists of contaminated areas.


 19) The Language in the paradise

 To know the language in the paradise, you must know what is the most important to Jehovah.

 The most important is described in the first book of the bible.

This should already be known worldwide.

Affecting the life tree of good and evil goes equally with making more difficult the life of threatened animals and plants.

 A great number of people who stand up for the threatened animals use the English language .

 It is the language of the paradise because it is the most spoken one to preserve life on the planet.

 It is also the language of the first ones who rediscovered the path to the eternal life in the bible.


20) The three unity   

What the Jehovah – witnesses say about the three unity is true. 

 It is not written in the bible.  

Nevertheless it has been teached for centuries that we have Jehovah, then Jesus Christ, and then the Holy Spirit. 

Yet we have good reasons to authorize the teaching of the three unity

 Jesus also has in fact an interest in having the three unity existing, although this is most difficult  for him and for Satan. 

 Every imperfect man should know that he, the man who has no fear,  always is mistaken

The Jehovah-whisperer is for the time being the only one who understands why the three unity belongs to it

 The people of Jehovah honour Gods’ name and Jesus Christ by recognizing them as Good, loving leaders.(Heb 5:14 )

 One should not be afraid  of Good loving leaders

 However, according to the Jehovah-whisperer, the real jehovah's, who want to be Jehovah’s servants, will damage the tree of life without fear.

 In other words, they will load the footprint on the earth too heavily; if it is not by living eternally, than it is by the number of children born. 

 Some people  think that there is a paradise without children having childlike wishes. 

 It is the third unity who makes it possible to have a paradise on earth; this third unity does the work which doesn’t need to be done by the recognized loving leaders. 

 Yes , one should be afraid of the third unity and Satan is the best placed for this job.

 The Jehovah-witnesses will sputter when this is known. 

In fact, they should once do a self enquiry

 A call to pay the working costs often is made by the same servants.

 This is not criticism; this must be so. 

Some think that Satan with his intelligence which is a billion times greater  than the intelligence  of men, would not know that the door is always open. 

Does men seriously think that Satan does not know a way-out

Someone who has been teased , like the Jehovah-whisperer, knows that the situation only will change with the help of someone with a stronger personality. 

 You ought to know that there are several kinds of men. 

 You have the strong who hates the weak

 You have the weak who hates the weak

 You have the weak who hates the strong

 You have the strong who hates the strong. 

 Everyone wants to belong to the large group (herd behaviour

 That group is the easiest and the quickest formed  around the teased (on the great field of the adults, the minority groups are used) 

Only the stronger man who looks at the weaker (teased) , is able to help the teased. 

 Because the stronger does not think that he has something to prove to the weaker, who hates the teased.

 It is sufficient that the group or the teased has understood that he belongs to the stronger. 

 The stronger doesn’t hesitate whether or not he belongs to the Group. 

 The stronger usually can dominate its own demons

 The weaker, who teases, is hesitating permanently, his personal problems always pop up. 

 The weaker always require confirmation and therefore the teasing never ends. 

 The psychologists say that he does not know the way to salvation. 


 Experience of the Jehovah-whisperer :

 A teacher in physical education once gave me the task to measure the time of running of some ten class-fellows

 Without my knowledge a weak pest told a strong personality that I would not co-operate to their request (a false time for no effort) 

 Without a moment’s thought, this strong personality went for my throat. 

 Would I care,  please do . 

 And now it comes. 

 The teacher joined us. 

 I gave the times  and at the end I said : 

 Aya, they  didn’t do their best

 The teacher laughed

 The strong personality who knew me since the nursery school didn’t laugh.  

The weaker pest proposed to the strong personality to let me have it well during the rest.

He suddenly was surprised  when he got a no

 He, the weaker, thought he could continue to have the stronger his own way . 

 The weaker pest was very disappointed : he didn’t anticipated to be cast off by the stronger personality.

 It was a slap in the face,  he was cast off the group formed around the teased. 

 The only solution he could think of was to tease the teased more and longer. 

 Many teased cannot estimate very well the situation; the Jehovah-whisperer however can. 

 I had no great trust , but after some experience I have learned that only the stronger can provide for some salvation.  

 Because the stronger has enough self confidence and can dominate its own demons. 

 The third unity Satan is already known by Jehovah and Jesus Christ.

 They know that the paradise cannot be realized without the help-culture

 The people who close the bridge between Satan and the good loving leaders Jehovah and Jesus Christ , are not capable to realize a help-culture. 

 All who recognize God Jehovah as leader, go for added value 

 Be sure that the bible also has an impact on the angels which he has created. 

 Jehovah knows that in order to obtain a paradise, Jesus must look into Satan’s heart and try to convince him to help making a paradise possible on earth. (2 pet 3:9)

 The new writings which Jehovah has announced, assume that the old writings were not written in the paradise . 

The new writings consciously will contain errors.

Satan also will no longer be taunted.(1 peter 2:9)

This is in the interest of men .

They know that mistakes stimulate men’s thinking.

The creator will keep his word and will realize his promises,

but  the Jehovah-whisperer also knows that Jehovah, being the souvereign leader, 

must also be capable, at the request and in the interest of men on the planet, to withdraw all his promises,

Because we men don’t want a loving, good leader with limitations in his administration power (psalm 145:17 )(proverbs 3:5-6)

 No doubt Satan has a strong personalityhe was the first who brought the weak man (Eva the teased ) to sin

And it is also well known that the demons are weaker than Satan

Jehovah lives with parents, where the child has affection for the same sex. 

He allows these people to reduce the footprint in order to give the tree of life  more chances. (Mt 5:45)

People with added value knowledge understand this.

 Jehovah knows that in order to obtain a paradise on earth, Jesus and Satan, the two brothers, are in good faith to each other and to Jehovah for the eternity.

 Jesus is humble enough to co-operate with Satan in favour of the tree of life, of men, of the preservation of the planet, and … . 

 Finally, men have to make the first step, by praying that Jehovah withdraws all his promises so as to make Satan’s comeback possible.

(2 Cor 12:9-10)

 At the request of people with added value knowledge, who know that added value is created when Jehovah is given more freedom by men.


 21) The sin of transfer

 Jehovah knows the value of all things required to set up a paradise. 

 Adam and Eva also knew about the value and the added value

 They nevertheless have affected the tree of life, the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

 The sin has been transferred upon us and our descendants

 The way how this occurred is to be found in the question : 

 How do we manage to destroy the tree of life today ? 

 By increasing the value in our advantage or in the advantage of some people, the situation has evolved to the destruction of flora and fauna and that is equal to eating the fruits of the tree of life of Jehovah

 Jesus knows the value of everything we use.

 We should demontrate to Jesus and Jehovah that we stop eating the tree of life. 

 We can do this by stimulating Jesus Christ to teach us again the real value of our products (Matthew 16:7-10 ) (John 2:3-11) 

 And to stop the sin of destroying the threatened animals and plants by  avoiding forever to increase the value of all these products which have led to the destruction of the planet ( titus 2:12).

 By pursuing the truth we can realize a paradise

 By going back to human trade we permit the shortening of the lifetime of the planet.( Mat 6:24)

 Let us have the value of our products fluctuate, than it will be true today, untrue tomorrow. 

 This does mean no paradise and no salvation of threatened animals and plants ! 

 By evolving from truth to untruth, we men, set up the transfer of sin and these value fluctuations lead to the accelerated destruction of the planet

 Jesus has explained in the bible that he has  problems with men who want to realize value fluctuations at the disadvantage of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, 

 Although he is prepared to take for his own account the costs of the basic needs. (1 Cor 10:33)(Psalms 34:6)(Psalms 34:19)(Peter5:7)

He is the angel who is prepared to take for his own account all the recurring costs, such as food,  housing, insurances and cleaning of the earth.

 (Matthew 6:11)(Matthew 6:31 ,32)(2 Corinthians 9:8) (Matthew 6:33,34) 

 (Marcus 6:41-44)


When Satan prefers to assist Jesus

Irreligious men under Satan’s lead know that they will die sooner without the help of the very strong personality (Satan).

Someone who knows that he will die will spare this to his descendants.

Knowing this, they also will exercise an approach to the people with added value knowledge; they also will no longer see the use to deny who is the true God.

It’s of no interest for them to fight many wars any longer.

The use of scientific analysis to the disadvantage of many kingdoms brings the oppression closer.

Because the oppression is the last war.(the worst men can experience).

Being prepared to attack does not protect you against a counter-attack.

Every attacker once will learn that attacking conscientious objectors does not make the enemy afraid.

Every irreligious person knows that fighting increases the chance to die.

The Jehovah-witnesses know that it is a battle between Jesus and the bad angels.

We don’t need to start a battle but to arm us with spiritual food.(proverbs 3:5-6)

The Islamic state are not the irreligious men who will try an approach to the people with added value knowledge.

Cutting the head of journalists is a symbol for further tearing away from people with added value knowledge.

The killing of Muslims by the Islamic state also show that they don’t want to inform the people of their true nature.

(To be prepared to make the earth a paradise through transfer of knowledge obviously is not their concern).

(1 John 3:15)

The number of people with added value knowledge has never been so high as in our times.

(Many are within the community of the Jehovah-witnesses.)

A group which attacks (in the name of) also demonstrates that we are nearing the oppression, or is it such-and such war for the same purpose (several kingdoms) ?

The Jehovah-whisperer as well as many people don’t want wars (Islamic state).


To learning knowing the enemy ????

I have met a man who doesn’t think like Jehovah.  Me too, me too, me too, …..

Did you already met a man who thinks like Jehovah ?

When Satan decides to govern the earth, he will do so with Jesus and the 144000 anointed.

Everybody is right in something, including Satan.

Praying to Jehovah, I try to mediate with Jesus, so as to stimulate him to be part of this world.

Jesus knows that he has to take an important position in order to be part of this world.

Until now, he has refused.

Satan is for 100 % in symbiosis with life on earth.

You think in a wrong way.

Look at the floundering behaviour of the wicked ones who don’t accept it.

The loss of the strong personality (Satan)

We (the wicked ones who have accepted that we don’t have to expect any protection),

know that Satan through governing wants to come nearer to his creator Jehovah.

Satan’s way to come nearer to Jehovah as an angel consists of becoming a leader of people who have a future in Gods eyes.

That’s why he let down the wicked ones.

Our best way is to accept our destiny and to help the conscientious objectors.

This is necessary because at present there are too many wicked ones on earth who do not accept the loss of Satan.

Jesus doesn’t know when armageddon will take place (Mat. 24:36).

The reason is simple : this depends in the first place on the imperfect men’s behaviour and on Satan’s behaviour.

It is normal that the wicked ones will attribute the events to Satan’s behaviour.

Someone who wants to obtain eternal life shouldn’t believe this immediately.

Satan’s behaviour totally disappears in comparison with men’s behaviour.

The reason lies in Satan’s long life and men’s short life.


 22) Positive Interests -  the fall of the planet

 The school is often thought to be the place where children  learn added value. 

The knowledge of added value however is severely undermined by life patterns which are imposed on us

 ,,Money’’ is a means of exchange and positive interests should not make money more important than our flora & fauna. (1 Tim 6:10-11)

The value of money in our present lifes ruins us

Therefore money is sometimes called  ,,a common beast’’

Manipulation of money leads to an additional income when  the ivory is sold. 

In this world there is no need for Jehovah’s help to see the increase of an amount on an account. 

This dazzles the added value knowledge

An increasing amount on a bank account is so spoiling, that one cherishes a greater expectation of it.(becoming rich by saddling up people with increasing recurring costs is born). 

Every economist knows that great money expectations cause great disappointments. 

More money is a support to the gift-culture.

 People with knowledge in added value understand  why money should reduce in value. 

Money which increases in value does not feed the,, help culture’’

And is a way to put offside good leaders as Jesus Christ and the 144000 anointed. 


The story 

 Compare :  money which increases means more warmth we feel attracted by . 

Money which decreases means more cold, the unknown which freighten us. 

And now it’s up to you to choose. 

People choosing for money that is increasing are in for the sun. 

What do we find there ?  

Men soon have a need to more water .(shortage of water

They see that the earth is too dry for the animals (formation of deserts

Men’s skin ages quickly by the sun

The warmth makes people more irritated, excited, lazy. 

We observe less space because of the big flow

There is less oxygen in the water .(more stinging jellyfishes

The rif diesBacteria spread  faster among  men and animals

There are more storms and hurricanes. 

The acceleration of the upwarming of the earth becomes real. 

Men join people with bad intentions

Are less reluctant to have relations with strangers. 

People choosing for money that is decreasing are in for the cold. 

What do we find there ? 

Money is no longer the motive of our existence

In spite of the cold more life is detected. 

Many algae grow under the ice

There is more oxygen in the water. ( crabs are bigger

Men look for each others warmth

They support the help-culture , understand that they need each other

They are more prepared to co-operate in a team

In the cold no laugh is to be expected which is not meant. 

One thinks much longer before undertaking something

Learns and is aware that men need the animals

One feels better knowing that ice reflects the light

And so delays the upwarming of the earth. 

They  are more relying on their intelligence than on their passions.  

In summary :

By having Jesus Christ  using the printing press of the world money via his undestructible kingdom,

Jesus will be able to pay men’s basic needs (food, rent, insurances) plus the costs to make the planet more livable again for men , animals and plants.

The worries for too many world money on earth are solved by Jesus through the introduction of negative interests on money.

Choosing for Jehovah and Jesus will solve the world problems on the longer term (understand : without blocking people) . 

People with added value knowledge should know since long that Jehovah’s energy is time.(mal 3:10 )

The Jehovah’s should know that negative interests are a help to the needy and the rare animals.(1 Cor 10:33)(proverbs 3:9)

The Jehovah-whisperer knows that Jehovah , and ... love working with time and patience.

The help-culture  helps Jesus to pay his current debts (for the cleaning of the earth and the payment of the basic needs of men and animals )  Psalm 15:5


 23) Story of Jesus and the earth

 Jehovah prepared a meal for his angels.

 Jehovah proudly announced that he had added a special ingredient.

 We would be satisfied with.

 Satan saw the plate and didn’t find anything special in it.

 Something rare gives added value to the plate.

 He saw men and thought I can do something with them.

 He started to form men according to his example.

 And it worked, men valued the rare so strongly that it didn’t took many words to make them believe that what is rare increases in value.

 There are restaurateurs who are passionate to serve in their restaurant  that rare grown up five years old tuna.

 Men who praise the rare are numerous.

 So are the rare silver and gold very important.

 The return to the gold standard is considered to be an absolute necessity.

 When the gold standard will again be introduced, then nothing will prevent the great mortality.

 Because those who prefer the rare can prefer the restaurant where  something rare is served.

 In this world every alternative is boren into the ground.

 If you possess a Panda bear and their number is becoming historically low, isn’t the money offered for this Panda then not higher,  will the human demons ask.

 Not any rule, not any law can prevent men to move heaven and earth to present the rare animal on the plate for a lot of money.

 However there is hope, don’t forget it.

 Jesus saw that only in the hands of  ... the colour of the plate became less colourful.

Satan and the demons also saw this but it was their fault only.

It took only few words to have men deviate from Jehovah’s memory.

 Satan offered Jesus an important function.(Mt4:8-11)

But Jesus replied ,,My kingdom is not part of this world ‘’ (John 18:36).

 A quarrel arose between  the two brothers.(Mt 4:10)

 As Jehovah expected, Jesus, together with many in sufficient number (144000 anointed), offered to repair the plate like a good potter, by using the special ingredient, men .

 Jehovah knew that Jesus wanted to repair the plate like a good potter.

 He helps the justs (Jehovah-witnesses), the unjusts (people with knowledge of added value) to make  a Paradise here on earth.

 After having studied the bible, the justs and the unjusts understood that they had to co-operate with each other in unity in order to set up the kingdom which can never be destroyed.

 The transfer of the sin (the trade) from men to men was stopped.

 The fear for the means of payment which can devaluate disappeared.

 Every threatened kind of animal and plant got his rights back.

 And their recurring costs were paid by the dollar printing press.

 The dollar hyperinflated numerous times.

 That inconvenience  is automatically solved for all the people by Jesus, simply because He takes the recurring costs for his own account.

 Like he took for his own account the recurring costs at the multiplication of the breadhe is prepared to pay the recurring costs for making clean again the seas and the land, in short the earth.

 Jehovah knows that Jesus wants to pursue with the first plate that he has prepared, and that makes him happy .

 Aren’t you happy that the restoration of the planet is still possible  ?


It is seen as an evidence !

No one has been taunted more than Satan .

It’s time to see things from another perception.

You are not going to tell me that Satan and Jesus don’t know each other thoroughly.

It is not true that they couldn’t anticipate every result of their actions.

It is not true that they are having themselves led by their emotions and desires.

Everything they do is oriented towards and on behalf of the imperfect men.

Their techniques are also used in performances, role games, theatre scenes, culture , etc…

Let’s be clear, they know each other and Jehovah better than a mother her child.

This means that Satan knows everything about the imperfect men.

Let’s be quite clear, the Jehovah-whisperer stands more for Jesus Christ.

This however doesn’t prove that Satan can not be a good , loving leader.

Satan knows each following step.

He has always be there to guide us to perfect men .

You may of course disagree about the way he used.

However, we, men, must admit that every angel until now has respected the choice of the imperfect men.

We, men, are capable to create demons with our brains.

The greatest danger for men are their own thoughts.

Admitting our own shortcomings is the first step in order to reduce worries.

We should know that all most intelligents but one will never start the battle like the imperfect men do.

The knowledge of good loving intelligent leaders who know each other since the beginning of the creation, is a sufficient proof to me that we trustfully can put our destiny in the hands of any angel.

Once intelligent identities will help us to perfection.

It is up to us to acknowledge their superiority because they are perfect and we are not (even though they don’t look like us).

We may assume that in everything we will be led better than men.(1Joh 5:19,21)

And also that we will be led by a sovereign, good, loving leader. (1 Joh 5:18-21).

That is what we have to believe in .

That is believing in Jehovah.


No, that is not the way to save threatened animals.

We, who know how to manage money, our means of exchange, do not agree with the Jehovah-whisperer.

You may not materialize the desire to live on earth with an Angel which would have eternal life.

Yet, it is in fact against the constitution to have Jesus borrowing for the purpose of cleaning the earth and supply men and animals their basic needs.

Because it is not established scientifically that angels exist who have eternal life.

If an angel shows up who can demonstrate that he is able to pay back the costs of cleaning the earth within a reasonable term, we are prepared to bring it into consideration.


24)Jesus the saver for the Jehovah-whisperer

 The sovereign loving Jehovah and Jesus Christ are the Jehovah-whisperer’s salvation .(Romans 12:3)( 1 joh 2:1)

 The people who are prepared to make a paradise here on earth are those who  follow the Jehovah-whisperer

 He releases the way between men and Jehovah. 

 He brings his scientific vision that people with added value knowledge will do it better. 

 His horizon is larger and broader, and he makes it so. 

 He considers important self knowledge, insight, self control.


The man who wants the paradise for men and animals which are not born yet, is the victim of prophecies which have not been approved by Jehovah (Galats 4:16)

Prophecies and promises not approved by Jehovah are obstacles placed on the timelines of men by third persons with destructive intentions.

The misery which results therefrom is tremendous.(Galats 6:7)

There is hope because the people with knowledge in added value are standing on the timeline and these people can’t be hold up because of the transfer of knowledge .

Once they will find again the way to the sovereign, loving, good leader.

It’s only a matter of time.

Do you know that the end of times for this world as we know it is in the hands of Jehovah and the people with added value knowledge who are prepared to make the planet a paradise.

Jehovah and Jesus use the technique which has been used by the dog-whisperer.

The animal was given the time to become aware.


It is up to the people to judge whether the Jehovah-whisperer causes damages to the governing body of the Jehovah-witnesses by pretending that every leading man stands in this world with his both feet .

A man acquiring leading power becomes another person.

The Jehovah-whisperer and the leaders of the Jehovah-witnesses should admit that they stand in this world .


Jesus said “My kingdom is not part of this world” (John 18:36).


 The Reply

Because of the Jehovah-whisperer, we always have to come up for the governing body of the Jehovah-witnesses.

These people are like you and me.

You have to know that the level of difficulty to obtain the eternal life is too high without the help of the leader and the Jehovah-witnesses.

Keep the knowledge that a sovereign, loving, good leader like Jehovah can look into the heart.(1 John 3:20)

Know the reason why the black dominee Jacobus Capitein didn’t disapprove slavery.(1630)

Just imagine how people in the future will look back positively to the governing body of the Jehovah-witnesses (Heb 3:13).

You will see that in their time they have taken the best choice or had no other choice.

We, the people of the future, have obtained a better life thanks to Jehovah and to you.




The peace keepers :

We don’t want to make a presentation of future people which we never will meet..

We, the peace keepers, consider the man to be a nasty man, who wants to have the hell on earth for men and animals reduced over the next 1000 years period.

The reason is that this man places the oppression in the timeline of our existence.

We, peace keepers, do everything which is possible to push the oppression ahead .

And then, one comes up with the religious idea to move over from several forms of government to one single government.

While we could still enjoy our luxury life.

Still you know that the oppression can lead to mortality of about ¾ of the total population on earth. (Isaiah 6:9-13)(Mt 7:13-14).

We, men, are the governing body of our timeline .(Mat 7:12)

So-called knowers don’t bring annoyance in our timeline; the consequences are enormous.


The addition ? 

-The confirmation that a good loving leader will come after men, to govern the earth.

-To declare that angels are the most intelligent ones after the creator Jehovah.

-Call yourselves neither a Jehovah-witness, nor a Religious leader, nor an elder, but the Jehovah-whisperer.

-Wanting to help Satan explains so much.

-You, Jehovah-whisperer, believes that the battle between bad and good angels will turn otherwise than the wars fought by the imperfect people.

-You, Jehovah-whisperer, believes that Satan’s prison is not relentless but is a transformation from a malicious to a loving good leader at Jehovah’s service for the imperfect men and animals.(Lucas 11:18)

-You, Jehovah-whisperer, are the imperfect man who considers the expectations of the Jehovah-witnesses on the shoulders of Jehovah and Jesus Christ as unreasonable.

- You, Jehovah-whisperer, knows that any identity except men can govern the earth better.

- You, Jehovah-whisperer, wants that Satan becomes the name of the good, loving leader for the next thousand years.



It hurts my heart.

*Can’t you, Jehovah-whisperer, just wait till the Lion eats hay. (Isaiah  11: 6-9)

*Can’t you, Jehovah-whisperer, just wait till the wild animals walk tamed next to our children.

*Your statements that we, imperfect people, are more firm in expectations than in obedience, are not correct.

*Can’t you, Jehovah-whisperer, just wait till the time our expectations will be realized.

*Your statements that we , imperfect people, saddle up Jehovah and Jesus Christ with big problems, are not correct.

*Your assertions that Jehovah didn’t create an angel which would throw God away from the trone, are wrong.

* Your assertions that we, imperfect people, can create demons with the unconscious part of our brains, are wrong.

*Your statements that we want to push our evil into Satan’s shoes are wrong.

*Your statements that Satan can be a good, loving leader are wrong.

*Your statements that no good government can be expected before the transfer to one single form of government, are wrong.



A theocratic form of government does not work jet on earth.

 A theocratic  form of government can only work if  all other kingdoms have disappeared.

 The theocratic state also can not be led by men.

 People who have chosen for the democratic form of government  forget how democracy has originated.

 From all different forms of government, not any appropriate one could be found.

 Then the question was raised ,, wich is the less damageable form of government with men as steering body for the people ?’’

 A form of government came out where the human leader cannot assume power very long.

 Democracy favours the mortality of life on the planet..

 Politicians are trained by democracy, not by the cry!

 Where democracy exists, there is the greatest attack on the threatened animals and plants.

 They have to pay for it  so that these politicians can be made elegible again .

 The slaugther* is strengthened  by the people who nevertheless don’t want to learn to know Jehovah.

 An elder of India once said that we westerners are lived.

 We follow the life pattern dished up.

 This life pattern does not satisfy the wishes of Jehovah and the restoration of the earth.

 *The negative effect of all this is that people don’t believe any more that the planet can be saved.

 That’s it.


Democratic government for theocratic government. 

A democratic form of government is only possible if the group, which consciously or in consciously is asking itself “What would Jesus do in this situation ?” is large enough. 

In a democratic life environment you may expect the following : there is a possibility that a wise economist tends to solve a crisis with a correct scenario.  

In such scenario there are contrary forces such as : 

  1. The feelings of humans

  2. The important steps which are nipped in the bud by the call for putting justice on a pedestal 

  1. Corruption

  2. Short term view

  3. Impatience

  4. Sowing wrongly

  5. Harvesting wrongly 

Angels and Christians are aware that if Jesus is displaced from his pedestal, his conduct will not change for that reason. 

Wherever he stands on the ladder, he keeps his capacities of good, loving leader. 

Stimulating the people and the dismissed leaders to adopt such attitude, strengthens men and brings added value. 

 Where there is a shortage of people who are asking themselves, consciously or in consciously “What would Jesus do in such situation ?”,

there will also be too large groups which will consider : “If tomorrow you are no longer our leader, then we will assume that you will never have been the leader which we should have been accountable to. 

Notwithstanding the co-responsibility for the damage to the threatened animals and plants, the democratic form of government nevertheless is a rung on the ladder. 

People who think for five minutes and use the insights of good loving leaders will never consciously generate instability in a community. 


The twelve small step


 Without the wicked (who accept the loss of Satan ,who are prepared to set up the help-culture) through transfer of knowledge, a single government can never be achieved on earth.

Small steps which help to explain a theocratic government.

The steps are not in order.

This step is required to reduce pain on earth.

When there is only one kingdom on earth, it should be kept.

The knowledge that care is the same for everyone decreases most of the pain of people and animals. (Caring for the State debt is not the most important thing).

To move from one kingdom to two will raise troubles, because this demonstrates that there is a bad leader and a new bad leader is preferred.

Those who survive armageddon, will suffer tiranny.

They will not have any choice.

Those who want to impose their will are too numerous.

Understand that he, who is blocking more than 80 % of the people, is the first step to go from several to one single kingdom.

Understand number one

The oppression comes before Armageddon.

The oppression is a consequence of men’s extreme resistance to keep up their belief.

Happiness, pain reduction, help-culture, saving threatened animals and plants, cleaning the earth, etc., all of this must give in in order nevertheless to maintain one’s false belief.

Oppression starts when the demand to save the planet is too great.

Oppression is the period which follows the increase of kingdoms (with unstable regions), at the time it is decided to move to one form of government.

After Armageddon, the true belief is exercized.

During oppression, most people die.

Step number one :

The first step is to learn from athletes.

The best athlete is a person who is flexible in his doing and thinking.

Athletes are able to adjust their usual style so as to reach better results.

Accepting that before Armageddon only false belief is proclaimed, make us able to save the threatened animals and plants.

And now, Jehovah-whisperer ?

You can count on me that there is a starting point to come to the true belief.

This starting point lies with the consciousness objectors with empathy, who are active and prepared to make the earth a paradise.

Because of many other reasons also, they only can be the Jehovah-witnesses.

Their knowledge and motive to obtain eternal life will make them surviving Armageddon, rather than others.

Do you want to say that those who are worrying about threatened animals also act in a wrong way ?

With the best will however, to my mind they don’t see which way is the best one.

The first way doesn’t start by changing one’s belief, but by transferring knowledge from the Jehovah-witnesses to those who don’t want to move away from their path.

Then I will tell you that good administration is not the aim for the best way to save the threatened animals and plants. (I admit that bad administration outweighs the efforts made for saving).

The best way is to strive for less resistance.

You only obtain this by decreasing the kingdoms.

There is the possibility to have Europe governed by the European Union.

Every country changing its flag is one kingdom less.

It is not so that less human leaders lead to a better government, but it is so that more human leaders lead to a worse government.

That makes striving for one president for the whole planet the better way.

You know, it’s in the genes, at the back of our mind we know quite well we wish a more beautiful earth with better chances for men, animals and plants.

Understand :

Someone who is not for 100 % in symbiosis with life on earth will never be the planet’s best governor.

He, who is for 100 % in symbiosis with men and animals, will take over the government; iIt’s only a matter of time.

Don’t oppose against it, even though the one who is for 100 % in symbiosis, is called “Satan”.

Just ask yourselves the question whether it is wise to intervene between Jesus and Satan.

Ask yourselves the question who keeps Satan alive (would he be worse in governing men ?)

Jehovah allows Satan to govern the planet well.

This is only possible in co-operation with Jesus and the 144000 anointed.

You are making a bad choice if you don’t trust God, Jesus and the 144000 anointed.

You may see this also as a test.

Will you survive the test ?


The scholars

Don’t be wrong : we, the scholars, see the Jehovah-whisperer as a brainstormer only.

Because of the Jehovah-whisperer we have asked ourselves some questions.

Let’s assume that one government for the whole planet produces better results.

What could be our strategy ?

It doesn’t take much calculation to realize that no single government will ever exist on earth if we allow people to fight for one government.

We, scholars, can never loose trust in people.

In order to succeed, all people first will have to choose for one government on earth, and thereafter start the battle for the position, provided we do want one government on earth.

It’s really a pity that the Jehovah-whisperer puts the Jehovah-witnesses in the spotlights, because the refusal to take part to this world will make him completely forgotten.


With knowledge of war

You have noticed it : the opponents in Syria say to each other “We both want to set up an Islamic State”.

For one reason or another, one group knows that this will never happen with the other group.

The first group trusts god “Allah” with the Coran.

The second group make others trusting god “Allah” with the Coran.

The first group makes an Islamic State possible.

The second Group however makes an Islamic State impossible.

Explanation of knowledge of war

The reasons and the purpose of starting war are changing due to duration, alliances, generated hate for own pleasures, experience, loss of loved ones, trauma’s and war tiredness.

This means that to get an Islamic State, war must be as short as possible.

In order to keep the purpose : one government for the whole planet.

Someone trusting “Allah” can accept one government on earth before the Islamic State exists.

Someone making others believe in “Allah” cannot.


How is this possible ?

Smart people know that once there is a single form of government on earth, no one will ever accept several forms of government.

Someone who trusts God knows that moving from one government to two will go wrong again.

They accept the strategy of the shortest pain.


  The strategy of the shortest pain

Before starting war, you never may forget the purpose of it.

You will not loose the purpose “an Islamic State for the whole planet” if you trust Allah and accept one government for the whole planet.

Once all people have accepted one government for the whole planet, you already have something to look to, namely to take over the government.

 Someone who make others trusting “Allah” with the Coran will never accept one government on earth.

And this for the following reasons :

Such people consider accepting one government for the whole planet as a treason.

One government before an Islamic State is set up, means to co-operate with …. and the emotionals (who want to save the threatened fauna and flora without wearing a burka).

They say : for us, leaders, changing our purpose is out of question.

Don’t be misled by the Jehovah-whisperer.

To overpower one form of government or several ones require the same amount of energy.

Don’t fool yourselves that the duration of war push people into the hands of those who don’t want to take up arms.

 I really wonder whether the Jehovah-witnesses would “not be part of this World” in accordance with Jesus Christ’s example.


Step two

People who attack a threatened animal will be asked what is their belief.

This will make the environment-activists wiser (unseen).


26) FAQ


   -Is the Jehovah-whisperer a voluntary unjust ?                                              

 After mediation by Jesus Christ, Jehovah  will decide who is a just or an ujust with right to resurrection.

However the Jehovah-whisperer will abandon the eternal life as a ransom for the threatened animals and plants.

 In other words he believes that by abandoning the eternal life (and this doesn’t mean a wish to die) the footprint of men on earth will reduce.


  -Can You compare abandoning of eternal life with a wish to die?

No, you can’t.

The purpose of the Jehovah-whisperer and the voluntary unjusts is not to die early, but to increase the duration and the diversity of life on earth.

By stimulating Jesus, the superintelligent, to govern the earth.


-Will the unjusts live longer ?

The Jehovah-whisperer does not know that.

However it is so that coming up for minority groups contain risks.

But the trust in Jehovah and in a paradise for the next generations makes the risk worthwhile.

Science people  say that in the future men will become 150 years old vital people.


 -Will Jehovah change everything for men who are imperfect?

 You must remain positive, the best has still to come, even though this is after our resurrection.

 Small expectations bring pleasant surprises.

High expectations have negative consequences, or on the contrary positive consequences, depending whose glasses you are looking through !


-Can I also become a voluntary unjust with the right to resurrection ?

 -By serving the sovereigh, loving, good leader Jehovah only, you have a chance to become a voluntary unjust with the right to resurrection; this occurs after mediation by Jesus Christ (Jo 14:5-9).

 -By being prepared to make a paradise of it, according to Jesus’ example.

 -By following lessons from the justs  (the Jehovah-witnesses) who are prepared to suffer harder testings in order to be entitled to receive the eternal life.

-If you are prepared to give up eternal life in order to give more chances to the tree of life of Jehovah.


-Is it wise to choose for eternal life on another planet ?

You will not find many Jehovah-witnesses who would choose to undergo the heavier circumstances on another planet for the eternity.

We can however see that the footprint on earth at the end would reduce if we would live on the planet Mars.

Jehovah’s tree of life on earth would not be so loaded.

 The Jehovah-whisperer believes that only the voluntary unjusts who are thus at Jehovah’s service can prosper on another planet.


 -Can those who adore Jehovah eradicate in this world the sickness Polio to children which are not yet infected ?

No, they can’t do that yet.

 Only those who read the Coran are capable to eradicate polio within a short period at children not yet infected.

Because the areas are located where christians are not allowed to come by order of the rulers.


-Will there be honey bees in the paradise?

According to the Jehovah-whisperer this depends whether they still exist on earth or not and it also depends of men’s behaviour.

 People knowing added value say that you can’t talk about a paradise without the honey bee, but the Jehovah-whisperer doesn’t second that.

The future starts today and the paradise has been promised.

Besides, it is not known yet whether men accept all animals.

Animals for example which do not behave in accordance with the norms of men, like those which smell the crap or touch the crap.


-Is it OK to refuse existence to threatened animals and plants  ?

Every threatened animal and plant is connected to the tree of knowledge of good and evil of Jehovah.

Eating the tree of knowledge of good and evil is equal to taking away the right of existence of animals and plants, plus ...


-I sin to provide nevertheless to my basic needs.   What shall I do ?

It helps to have a talk with several Jehovah's witnesses .(proverbs 15:22)

You also should believe that in the paradise Jesus will take away the reason of the shortcomings of the means.  When you then sin, it will be your choice.


-I have children and I go to the kingdom hall of Jehovah – witnesses;  what is your advise ?

 My advise is to bring toys which allow children to join playing individually in silence.

 For ex. Colour books, puzzels , writing books, calculation booklets, bible books,etc.  Don’t forget also to bring along drinkwater .

Before you  leave to the kingdom Hall,  I also advise to pray to Jehovah and Jesus Christ, together with the children

 for ex. Jehovah help us to walk the way of life wiser, and help the children to play silently without disturbing people too much;

 and help them, Jehovah, to overcome their fear of speaking so that you, o Lord, and the people, can contemplate their knowledge in added value.

May we, with the help of Jesus, together enjoy the earth for a long time, together with many animals.

Thanks to you, Jesus, if you are prepared to mediate in favour of the Jehovah-whisperer.



-Are you 100 % convinced that Jehovah becomes an even better leader when he withdraws all his promises upon request ?

 Jehovah is our sovereign loving good leader .

 Jehovah will never lie.

  The Jehovah-whisperer knows that leaders must be able to withdraw promises made.


Promises made are restricting Jehovah’s freedom,  and it is in our interest that his freedom would not be restricted, knowing that Jehovah never withdraw his promises without the request of the concerned persons.

 The Jehovah-whisperer puts forward the following question :

Is the trust in Jehovah as sovereign loving good leader put at question, when Jehovah withdraw his promises at the request of the concerned persons ?

Those who want the help-culture, will adore Jehovah as sovereign loving good leader, even after he will have withdrawn all his promises.

Those who think that they save the world by avoiding praying to Jehovah to withdraw his former promises,  in fact have not saved the world.


-How does the Jehovah-whisperer arrive at 98% men’s fault ?

The most important book of the bible describes that men have been created by Jehovah.

The genetics say that our DNA corresponds for 98% with the ape.

 The Jehovah-witnesses rightfully defend the first book with the most important message : You have to protect the tree of life of good and evil.

According to the Jehovah-whisperer, they don’t understand that Jehovah lends himself for knowledge in added value.


-Why would the impression be given that Jesus has to collaborate with Satan ?

The Jehovah-whisperer is angry because of the number of people who say how you should live in accordance with their principles while they nip in the bud a paradise for men and animal.

 To steer Jesus in a direction would perhaps allow the people to see the light ; that men are wrong is something you can deduct from Jesus’ behaviour and not from men’s behaviour.

Of course it will not happen like the Jehovah-whisperer predicts.

It is expected that people who want to rule will attack the Jehovah-whisperer, thinking that the Jehovah-whisperer  would insult Jesus Christ or that Jesus Christ would need the protection of Religious leaders.

Ps. It is not Jesus Christ who needs Satan.  It is on the contrary the imperfect men who cannot live without Satan’s presence.


-What is the meaning of these colours?

The meaning of these colours is different for each man.

 Some will see a calamity in it,  others  will attach an added value to it,  and still others will consider it as a stimulans to draw the attention to the environment,

 The Jehovah-whisperer knows that there will always be people with more talents,

 In my view, the voluntary unjusts will accept that the try to create added value does not always succeed with the Jehovah-whisperer.


 The Jehovah-witnesses say that the perfect people will live eternally. What does the Jehovah-whisperer think about it ?

Someone who lives eternally wants to do work for others

 According to the Jehovah-whisperer, the perfect people live in the paradise in symbiosis with the imperfect people and the animals.

In others words, eternity on earth is only possible if the perfect people do not depend from the food of the imperfect men or animal.

 Also, it is not the imperfect men who determine how the perfect men look like.


 How can you say that the islamic state wants to restrict the transfer of knowledge ?

 Look at their behaviour.

People with added value knowledge say that you never may use children  to serve your own interest or to pass messages through.

 In our rich history there has also been a time where nobody would express itself, for ex.

“That men are not able to realize the ideal system of justice“.

When you look back to that period, you can see that no transfer of knowledge between the high-ups and the simple people was then accepted.

The Islamic state wants to go back to the period where no reply isn't accepted without bringing your life in danger.


 -Will Jesus be troubled by the high burden of debts on his shoulders ?

Jesus can never be compared with men.

Balancing on a small rope is no problem for him.

Jesus will work with the people who are prepared to make a paradise on earth or on other planets.

He knows that these people will not make it difficult to him to pay off his debts via negative interests and time.


-How can Satan get advantage having the generous most trustable angel (Jesus) at his side ?

 Most people who want to get or to keep control will give what, where and for whom Jesus may be generous with might and main a bad interpretation.

That will result in Jesus feeling offended.

These people will lead angels to believe that it is not Satan but Jesus who is fought.

 You may believe for certain that Satan never will harm the profile of him who is to be trusted as for his generosity .

Because he can not allow to be connected with the destruction of the tree of life of the knowledge of good and evil.
of Jehovah .

 It is a lie that Satan will harm Jesus’ profile .

 Satan knows that in front of Jehovah’s face he puts his life at stake.

 If he becomes our leader, this will not serve his own interests but the interests of Jehovah’s tree of the knowledge of good and evil


27) The book of José 1:1


   Be careful : after mediation by Jesus Christ,  the Jehovah-whisperer is entitled to resurrection, not before.


Aren’t the threatened animal and plant the tree of life of the knowledge of good and evil.
 of Jehovah which you are not allowed to eat from?

  Go away, unbeliever,  you have not saved the world.


  Shouldn’t my writings invite you to give added value ? (psalm 32:9)


 Look at my dictionary because yours is not good.


 Aren’t you a just of Jehovah when you teach an unjust ?


  Look at the world from the standpoint of the unwise because your eyes are dazzled.


  Shouldn’t he, the unjust, help the justs to protect the tree of life of Jehovah ? have respect because he, unjust, has been helped.


  Know yourselves;  know that the same image, picture, text, film, is otherwise interpreted by different people;  be conscious of your wrong thinking.


 You, people with added value knowledge, have in Jehovah’s language helped the threatened animals and plants, 

I thank you.